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Referral Program

Do you know of any new projects, or projects that are interested in validating their teams with the KYC AUTENTK seal?

Don't miss this opportunity to earn with our referral program. Here at AUTENTK, we offer the benefit of percentage gains on the amount paid for verification. We have developed this opportunity for everyone who has a passion for the crypto world and believes in our project to make a difference in the market. We have no limits for referrals, every time you refer a project that comes to be listed on the platform, you earn $20 in AUTK. You benefit from autenk as much as you like the project. We are a trusted company in the community and we put all projects in greater visibility, forming a safe network of analysis for all investors.

Bonus References

Recommend a project, and this one closes the KYC verification at AUTENTK you earn $20 in AUTK. Note. All references will be reviewed at the end of the month and paid on the 10th of the following month. We guarantee This is to prevent scammers from misusing our referral program.



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